A downloadable FPS Zombie Game for Windows

FPS Zombie shooter for true players. This game seems simple, but in reality you are forced to think all the time. You can go for health or ammo or just choose the shortest way. You fight to survive almost all the time, so you won't be bored. Your task is going through all the levels and the game is finished up as soon as you find and destroy the device that kept the zombies alive. If you make a wrong decision, you are dead.

5 levels (swamps, country, city at night, forest and mountains) and four difficulty levels. You have ammo and health and you are going from one point to another to finish up a level. To finish up the whole game, you should go through 5 levels. You can't save the game and continue later (no save points), but you can pause (freeze) the game and come back later. It's a true mission for many hours of playing. Either you finish up the mission or you are dead.

Warning: This game is really difficult to finish up, so start with the default difficulty level.

Install instructions

FPS for free! Just download and run the Unity 3D executable.

Base game input is described in the Readme.txt file included. All game input is written inside the game. Just pause the game and read about all game actions.

Note: I don't know why the water disappeared. It was in the first build. I think there was an internal Unity error. However, it has no influence on the game.

Game Engine used: Unity 3D 4.x

Standalone FPS for Windows: XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10

At least 4 GB RAM and Intel Graphics.

feedback at: pogtoma@gmail.com

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Zombie Soldiers Ffrom Swamps I.zip 105 MB