A downloadable game for Windows

A remake of ZSFS I done with Unreal Engine. The first Level - Swamps, not finished, but playable. There will be updates of this game in the future, so stay tuned.

This game doesn't have and probably won't have a crosshair for a regular shooting. I HATE crosshairs, especially in Third Person Shooters. It looks unnaturally. No worries, you will get accustomed to that quickly and the game looks more real.

Be careful of armored vehicles, helicopters, mines, special agents, and ... we will see what will be in this level and in the whole game. For sure, there will be zombie soldiers, killing machines who got out of control of army. Ah, these secret military experiments :).

I hope I will finish this level soon.

Movie about playing the game:

Install instructions

Just downlaod and have a fun!

I get some messages from the people playing the game that the game runs slow. Sorry, but you probably need to have a GOOD hardware to run it. It works great on my computer:

MSI GE62 6QC Apache

Nvidia GTX960M

Intel i7




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